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Horseshoe Jackpot!

Horseshoe Jackpot!

Love those 7’s!!!

Back in 2014 I took a trip to the Horseshoe in Tunica, MS.  Loved it! I’ll write some other posts as to why. For now, just a quick rundown on this particular win.

After previously getting sucked into Aruze Gaming’s “The Gold” and “Crystal” slot machines, I decided to try their more straight forward “Cherry Chance Hot Seven Premium”.  At 3 bucks per spin, I was going a little beyond my normal comfort zone. Since the slots are somewhat looser in Tunica than I have experienced elsewhere, the higher spin price didn’t necessarily translate into “more money lost quicker”.  LOL.  In fact, with the way I understand Aruze games, max betting actually increases win percentage.  This on top of the fact it was a dollar machine which typically has better odds than penny, nickel, and quarter slots.

All that to say, I hadn’t sat at the game for more than 5 minutes when this beauty popped up on the screen.  Five straight sevens and a $1000 payout!

Cha’ Ching!!

Keep it up Aruze. I could play your games with all their funky special effects all day. Well, or as long as this thousand will last me. 🙂

Completely off topic, but I’ll just mention a feature of the Horseshoe slot machines that I really like.  Rather than waiting on a server to come around to take a drink order and then waiting some more for them to return with your drink, you can order your drink right on the slot machine! There is a very simple user interface that lets you select between beer, wine, liquor, and non-alchoholic beverages.  The selection isn’t quite as good as in the Diamond Lounge, but it certainly is a convenience I haven’t experienced elsewhere in my travels.  If you know of other casinos that offer the same functionality, let me know in the comments!

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